A Meal—Coming Closer To The Creator

506.1All the elements of a Kabbalistic meal are specifically created so as not to detach a person from thoughts about his spiritual purpose so that he understands where and with whom he is, why in this way he is attuned to the upper world, to the Creator, and why he should not break away from it.

All the blessings, conventions, and laws are necessary only for a person to constantly feel in every action and every thought that he is in the field of the Creator. When he begins to feel this field, then he will do it all in a natural way.

The work itself, the efforts themselves, should show a person that with their help he can come closer to the Creator all the time.

No one forces him to do them. As a person begins to understand their meaning, he chooses for himself one or another level of observing these blessings.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/9/21

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