There Is No Room For Chance In Kabbalah

527.03Question: In physics there is a phenomenon when a person puts all sorts of efforts in one direction and reveals something completely different. Is there such a thing in Kabbalah as well?

Answer: No. In Kabbalah, this kind of “accident” does not exist. A person knows what he should do. He advances all the time, more and more this causes the development of the qualities of bestowal and love within himself, and causes him to exit himself and to rise above. This is his movement, his direction.

Question: Yet, although he says that he wants to acquire the quality of the Creator, bestowal, in fact, he does not want this, does he?

Answer: In fact, he does not. However, during the study, a certain upper energy comes to him, what is called the surrounding light and it helps him to become different.

There is no room for chance here. From the side of the light, an external influence necessarily arises, and we, in principle, aim for it. If in science we do not aim for something that suddenly reveals itself to us, then here this is exactly what we want.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/2/21

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