The State Of Freedom

715Question: In the history of mankind, there are millions of sayings about and numerous qualitative characteristics of what freedom is, as well as a million aspirations of people to find it and a million illusions that they have achieved it. Voltaire wrote: “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

Could you describe some characteristics of the state of freedom?

Answer: Freedom from selfishness is freedom in the most general sense of the word. This is freedom from myself when nothing in me dictates what I should be.

When this is realized in a person’s sensations, he begins to feel free, that is, detached from any limitations in which he previously existed. In his thoughts, he begins to understand what it means not to act egotistically, above egoism.

Question: Can we say that death is a limitation for a person?

Answer: I would not say that something happens in death. We are very afraid of death and think this is the cornerstone of our development, after which everything will be different or something else. I do not think we should be particularly impressed by it. The fact of passing through death does not give anything.

Question: Is there no interdependence between freedom and death?

Answer: No. There is another death in mind, the death of egoism, not the death of the animal body.

Question: Is it possible that egoism dies, does not exist?

Answer: Selfishness does not die. A person must rise above it, master it, and only then, by neutralizing egoism, will one be able to reach an understanding of what death is.

Question: What does this give to a person and to all people?

Answer: Freedom from selfishness.

Question: Will everyone have a common feeling?

Answer: Yes. Above selfishness.

Question: Then is there going to be some new work, a new movement, a new development?

Answer: Rising above egoism.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 6/13/21

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