How To Decipher The Actions Of The Creator

568.01Question: The Creator, nature, or the upper field communicates with us through all kinds of material clothing, physical and psychological problems. If I want to connect with this force, I must, according to the law of equivalence of form, become like it.

Can I decipher what it wants from me in any other way?

Answer: Basically, no. I can study this field, its impact, and its strength only to the extent that I am similar to it. Then, due to my limitation, by somehow creating His qualities within myself, I will be able to feel them and make a certain conclusion about the nature of the Creator.

Without changing myself, in my egocentric perception of the world, I will never be able to decipher what He wants from me. Since He emanates the quality of bestowal, I must cultivate the same property in myself, and as it develops, I will be able to understand the influence of the Creator on me.

Question: Is this why I can know Him from His actions? Can I do it without changing myself?

Answer: No. Then you would not even feel that He influences you. Only to the extent that you begin to acquire His qualities, will you begin to understand, realize, and assess in them how He influences you. Like with electromagnetic waves, we can perceive them only if we have a device that picks up waves of the same frequency.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/2/21

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