What Is A Person’s Purpose?

167Question: What is the purpose of a person?

Answer: Kabbalah links a global purpose of a person with his personal one. It says that we are, especially now at such a stage of development in which a person must learn his purpose.

This question arises in a person consciously or subconsciously. Therefore, people either rush to some decision or try to calm themselves somehow because it is not easy, and perhaps even impossible, to answer the question about the meaning of life. People get depressed, start taking drugs, etc.

Kabbalah reveals the meaning of life, the purpose of a person. Perhaps the purpose and meaning are different things, but a person must reveal them, how turn them to one’s advantage, make them your own, and begin to implement them.

The meaning of life is to reach the next level of development. The next level is the sensation of being in complete contact with the program of nature where we all become integrally connected into one single system called Adam.

Of course, this connection looks absolutely fantastic today. Because by combining our desires, not leveling them, not reducing them to one size fits all, but simply correctly connecting not only them, but also all our opportunities and all our thoughts, we form one single integral system.

By creating such a system, we begin to feel the revelation of a general upper force of nature called the Creator in our connection.

This is not something materialized, not God, not something people imagine, but what is revealed precisely in our connection and not outside of us. We cannot talk about this force outside of us. It is within us, in our connection, and we feel it as something common, based, on the one hand, on our egoism, mutual rejection of each other, and, on the other hand, on our connection above this rejection. Both hatred and love are revealed here. It is on these two levels that we reveal the Creator.

Kabbalah is engaged in the revelation of the Creator, the upper governing force, His program, which develops us and brings us to complete equivalence with Him. This is our purpose.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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