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Dr. Michael LaitmanWe cannot say anything about the Creator as such, but Kabbalists who attain Him say that “There is none else beside Him, who is good that does good” and that there is no change in His attitude towards us. In other words, they reach the attainment of the upper force which contains everything.

Hence, our entire path is the same. And today, when we don’t feel anything but our world, we need to understand that it is an instrument given to us now in order to attain. We feel the Creator even now but only according to our current organs of perception!

Our present perception is opposite to the authentic one since we don’t perceive the Creator as He is in His properties, even in the smallest degree, but rather we sense Him in an absolutely opposite way. And we can’t attain even this reverse side of Him.

In other words, the reality we see right now is the Creator indeed. And I myself, you, and the whole world is the Creator as well, but perceived in corrupted, broken organs of perception. When, however, we correct our desires, the organs of perception, then we discover the upper force, the Creator, more and more, until we uncover Him completely in His real form.

Besides the degree of “this world” that we receive as the initial state, we are unable to attain anything without achieving equivalence to the Creator, without equalizing our properties. The flawed vessel must correct itself by acquiring the form of the Creator and having come closer to Him.

The property of the Creator is bestowal and love. Hence, we are given an opportunity from Above to work in the group, and in our relationships reach equivalence with the Creator. The group must be perceived by everyone as the Creator in relation to oneself.

The attitude toward the friends should be treated as the attitude toward the Creator. And then, even though the Creator is concealed, we will be able to attain Him by His actions and continue approaching Him by placing before ourselves, instead of Him, the correct environment, one that yearns for the Creator.

Know that by deceiving the friend, you deceive the Creator; by treating the friend poorly, you treat the Creator likewise! This is the order of our work. Hence, when within the group evil and hatred unfold, this is the revelation of the broken state, and we understand that we are broken and opposite to the Creator.

Such a broken state, the hatred, is regarded as “this world.” And prior to that, there is just animate existence. The human degree begins with the revelation of hatred.

If a person realizes that he has to correct himself, the desires in which one begins perceiving the Creator, there is an opportunity to do it in the group, to attain the Creator by His actions: to start getting to know Him even more, feeling Him in the degree of being reformed.

We must constantly walk along this line where Israel (a person aimed directly to the Creator), the Torah (the Light that Reforms), and the Creator unify into one whole. A person adjusts himself to the group and in it reveals the Creator.

The group becomes one’s spiritual vessel for revealing the Creator. If a person relates to the friends with bestowal, he will discover the force of bestowal that fills his relations, which is regarded as the Creator. This is why the Creator is named Boreh, “come and see” (Bo and Reh), since He is attained through His actions.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/2011, Writings of Rabash

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