Happiness Will Not Be Virtual But Real

293.1Comment: Our time, the time of the pandemic, has pushed the talents of Silicon Valley to accelerate the construction of a matrix. It is a simulation of reality. They want to build a reality into which they can practically usher all of humanity. Moreover, it should not be expensive so that the poorest people can get there also.

They say: “We cannot give you a private island, a sports car, but virtual reality can. And our task is to make it cheaper, to make poor people happy.”

My Response: That is, if I have a computer, I can live in my imaginary world. It is such a drug. An imaginary reality into which I can enter and enjoy.

Question: Is it good for people?

Answer: Of course! You save people from all suffering. Sedate and forget, like in Vysotsky.

Question: So you think it will not work?

Answer: First, it is not going to work because it is against the principles of nature. And it will take us out of this state anyway.

Second, someone is going to make huge profits from this, someone is going to lose, the competition will start again, etc.

This will not stand at all. We cannot get away from going straight to the goal of creation. This is the best way, the least painful in general. And these zigzags and going into some kind of drugs will not help us. I am against it.

Question: That is, one way or another, nature will bring us to this path?

Answer: Of course, it leads us to this. We are on this path.

Comment: But we are going through suffering.

My Response: It is because we do not agree with it and do not want to know about it. This is why we suffer. We constantly run away from something unpleasant to something more pleasant without realizing why it is unpleasant, how we can turn the unpleasant into pleasant, etc.

Question: That is, in theory, if I agree with nature that leads me to its goal, then I will have the feeling that I am as if on this island?

Answer: You don’t need any island. You have the whole universe.

Question: So one way or another are we all going against the decision of nature?

Answer: We are absolutely against. We will not get anything good from this. We only prolong our path of suffering.

Question: And tell me, please, does nature punish us for not following its path or not?

Answer: Of course it does. Not on purpose, but because we do not pay attention to its hints. It always wants to give us hints and lead us to the correct conclusion and to the goal of the creation. If we do not pay attention to it, then it will poke us a little and drop us somewhere so that we pay attention to the correct path.

Question: Will we ever hear the call of nature? Or will we need to make long zigzags, withdrawing all the time? Will this ever happen?

Answer: I think it is already coming to an end.

Question: I am asking in despair, to be honest. You and I have made many clips and movies and you say this all the time. But how can we break through to humanity?

Answer: It is very hard to break through. It will be broken through not by us, but by nature. That is, we do our work and reveal the goal, the path, as much as we can to humanity. But in the end, of course, nature itself, the program of creation will do it for us.

Question: You say all the time that we need to reach compliance with the laws of nature, to good relationships, love, connection, and so on. Is it possible to split it into small steps for a person? Could you name a few steps that will bring us closer to this?

Answer: Only good connection between people.

Of course, it is hard to do. But nevertheless, if we do it in some way, at least somewhat think about it, even in theory if not in practice, then we will shorten our path, mitigate suffering on our way, and get closer to the goal, the good goal of creation.

The goal is to unite with everyone without any conditions, to reveal the true goal, the picture of nature, which is infinite happiness filled with knowledge and goodness alone.

Comment: You repeat it so calmly over and over again!

My Response: And I relive it each time. And that is why it is not difficult for me. It is amazing! Because whenever someone asks me a question, he gives me his unfulfilled desire, his acuteness, his question. And I feel the question, I answer it. I absorb this question and fill it with my answer. And I get pleasure. There is no such thing as the same question.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/15/21

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