Transition From The Wisdom Of Kabbalah To Primitive Philosophy

747.03Question: What is your opinion, as a Kabbalist, about the Hellenization of the Jews? How could one accept such a primitive Greek ideology of those times and leave a very advanced Jewish philosophy?

Answer: The fact is that we do not quite understand those times. Beginning with the tenth century B.C.,when the Jews came out of Egypt and crossed the desert into the land of Israel, they fell into disputes between their clans and families.

Moses stayed on the other side of the Jordan; he did not enter the land of Israel. As usually is the case when a leader dies or leaves his people, an upheaval began. Some followed the leaders who arose among the Jewish people, which believed it necessary to worship statues, make signs and amulets, build shrines, etc.

Many different trends arose in the nation. Naturally, nothing good came out of it. The people split into many groups. Ten of the twelve tribes left the land of Israel because they were not willing to participate in the disputes against each other. There were only two tribes left that kept feuding between themselves.

For ten centuries they have risen and fallen in their commitment to true Judaism. There were many different tribes living in the land of Israel, and each tribe had its own gods, its own statues, etc. Therefore, the Jews had enough blows to break away from worshiping the spirit and to transition to worshiping stones.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/21/21

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