The Maccabees And The Greek Ideology, Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanTo date, we have exhausted all the possibilities of the egoistic approach in all areas, whether in education, culture, daily life, family, the relationships between people and nations, the ability to continue the exploration of the universe, and so forth. The limitation to the egoistic awareness of the world is already so close that we can feel it.

This is not just talking about the collapse of science, but about its end, about that line where its ability to learn and explore nature in an introverted manner, on the basis of our egoistic desire, ends. There are still a multitude of things and phenomena in the world, but we don’t have the power to reach them; we don’t have the ability to perceive and discover them. They remain “invisible” to our present senses.

On the other hand, when I rise above research according to the “Greek” model and want to go outside towards bestowal and love, I rise above my material, beastly, and human “self” and want to feel the reality of nature as it is, without “self-made” interference, without a “filter” oriented towards personal benefit.

A person first perceives reality and investigates it later. So I want to perceive reality without bias, without any “filter,” without any internal interference. I want to see it as it truly is.

And then, through working on myself, I discover that essentially it is entirely immense bestowal and love. There are a multitude of systems that work according to this power. They are found all around us and I can create a connection with them, thanks to which I can understand what is actually happening.

Because in addition to the conventional two percent, all the rest of the details of reality are specifically found there in the system of bestowal. Further, we call this a “higher” system because it is specifically it which directs, inspects, and determines everything that is happening.

Returning to the holiday of Chanukah: It was about this that the Maccabees were fighting; it was about a sense of reality and the Jewish attitude towards it. Either our own extroverted method would be at its foundation, which goes beyond the limitations of the materialistic and corporeal perception, or the opposite, we would be satisfied with a narrow perception of the body, which is to say the “Greek” version. The struggle was conducted between these two opposing perceptions in those days.

Question: What can we derive and learn from this day?

Answer: Today, after two thousand years of the “Greek” perception, we must leave it. So this entire perception, along with its science and culture, has sunken into a crisis. Now the Jews and those who understand that they are right should come out of human society, again acquire an objective perception of the world, and then bring everyone else out to this level.

And then, we will approach the study of true reality, where the entire infinite world is placed before us and we know how to adapt ourselves to it as unlimited creatures living happily within eternity and wholeness.

This is what is today called the “War of the Maccabees.”
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 12/14/14

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