Toward One Common Goal

245.05Question: In the scientific community there are always disputes about the effectiveness and efficiency of the system of governance. What can you say about this?

Answer: First of all, we must set the goal that we want to achieve. If the goal is to raise the overall level of the entire system and its components so that it feels like an integral whole, then Kabbalah believes that such a system can be applied because it works on raising the individual egoistic objects above egoism to work for the common goal so much that it becomes primary. In this case, the personal egoistic goal is suppressed.

When people unite in groups where their community is their goal and the quelling of egoistic individuality, their own benefit, is the means to achieve a common goal, then Kabbalah gives us the right method of implementing these ideas.

The application of this technique leads to the fact that we begin to feel as a single organism, as one common whole, in which we no longer distinguish the separate individual traits of the people that make up this organism.

We are talking about its common essence, that is, about the new quality of bestowal that we have acquired together, annulling our egoistic qualities, reducing ourselves relative to others, only to achieve one common force, one common idea, one common goal.
From KabTV’s ”Science of management”

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