The Last Step Is Ahead

537Question: Does a prophecy work by itself or do we need people who support and explain it? Is it possible to turn to prophecy and find out what will happen? How does this system work?

Answer: I cannot say how this system works. However, the fact is that the general principles of the spiritual world, its laws, are explained in Kabbalistic books. I have, at least, described them all, and for many years I have been teaching classes on these topics every day. So, I have nothing much to add here.

Regarding the future, in principle, it is already possible to talk about it in our times because we are at the end of days, the end of times. I think there is nothing special to add here either.

It is only a question of how to rise to the last degree: either by good forces, which we must develop and invoke ourselves and summon from nature, or by evil forces. If we do not invoke good forces, then evil, egoistic forces will push us to this “by a stick to happiness,” as they say.

Question: Does it mean that humanity is facing the last degree?

Answer: In general, yes. It consists of several stages: preparation, action, then reception, awareness, and feeling. Now we are in the preparation period.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 6/13/21

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