How To Bring People To A Good Relationship?

760.4Question: Is it possible today to introduce a connection similar to a spiritual one in modern cities in order to bring people to good relationships?

Answer: I do not know how we can do that. After all, it is necessary to educate people; it is necessary to show them what they have in modern cities. Everyone enters their own cell, closes the door behind them with a couple of locks, checks whether they are closed, whether their neighbors will disturb them. Unfortunately, this is the only way we can feel somehow safe.

A person, first of all, subconsciously thinks about this. We pay attention to our clothes, our houses and apartments, how we behave, and our personal vehicles, etc. All this comes from our inner need to protect ourselves. Maybe a person does not feel it so much, but it is so! This is the root of the problems of thievery, violence, and anything at all.

However, if we provide a person with security regardless of any external conditions, and he will not have a tendency to isolate himself from others, on the contrary, he will feel that he is always ready for communication, for even greater rapprochement, then we will have a completely different construction, architecture, the science of space distribution. Then everything will be different.

Instead, today we have a tendency to make a minimal environment safe for myself wherever I am: in a taxi, in the subway, it does not matter where, but I still feel that I am among others. This is my place, this is my security, this is my life, my cell.

Therefore, we need to educate people toward more friendly connections, and then, based on this, to the extent that they feel safe, they will expand their boundaries and change the appearance of cities, apartments, and everything else.
From KabTV’s “Conversations” 6/9/21

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