The Final Correction Is The Integration Of All Humanity

115Question: The state of Purim symbolizes final correction. What does it mean?

Answer: First, we need to correct what the Creator has corrupted. He stated bluntly: “I created the evil inclination, and you must bring it to a good end.”

The evil inclination is our egoism, which is in different forms in each element of creation, and we, humanity, people, and, first of all, the people of Israel, must transform it into the opposite form: altruism, the property of bestowal and love, the property of connection, rapprochement, and unification.

Hence, it can be understood that the entire system of creation is moving from absolutely broken and destroyed to the direction of unification. Moreover, this unification takes place under the influence of a higher power, the Creator.

If we maintain the pace set by the Creator for drawing closer and improving our unification, then we feel good and comfortable. We can even increase this pace and run, as they say, in front of the cart.

If we cannot stand it and we lag behind, then the cart drags us along, and we just drag along behind it, a poor, unhappy, disfigured humanity.

Question: When you say Creator, do you mean nature and the entire evolutionary process?

Answer: Of course. These are not old folks tales. Constant integration of all mankind, rapprochement between people, this is what nature requires of us.

Therefore, the holiday of Purim symbolizes the final correction of all that egoism, that fragmentation that was created by the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States. Purim—the inner meaning of the holiday”

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