Remaining Loyal To The King

572.02Question: What are the expectations of a slave who despite the threat to his life remains loyal to the king?

Answer: It is a very good question, but you are asking it on an egoistic level: “How much should I receive to sell-out the king? And up to that level, I will remain loyal to him.” Or in other words: “How much is the king worth? Where is the borderline when the slave will sell the king?”

There is no such borderline! The slave says: “You can kill me, but I will not give up the king!”

Question: Where does he get such force?

Answer: From the king. A man cannot have such power. A person can part with life. See how easily people leave their corporeal body: they fight, they get killed, they die, they jump from high places to their death.

But according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, corporeal life is totally irrelevant. It is about eternity. Actual eternity. No matter what you propose to me, in whatever manner, I will not relinquish the king.

But this happens gradually. This attribute is called the light of Hassadim in which a person begins to reveal the upper world. In other words, the upper world is revealed to him only to the degree of his loyalty to the king.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/24/19

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