Working At The Creator’s Farm

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the right intention be achieved?

Answer: For the right intention, first of all you have to tie yourself to the whole world, which is an outcome of the Creator’s actions. Through this world, the Creator shows you His actions, so that through the right relation to the world you will be able to draw near Him.

Suppose, I am the owner of a big farm where I own land and horses. And I take you to work on this farm because I see that you treat me well and will be a loyal worker or even a loyal slave. It turns out that I check you not according to your attitude towards me, but towards my property, according to how you treat my house, fields, and gardens, meaning “my world.”

In the same way we also come, and thanks to the desire given to us from Above, we want to become the Creator’s workers. As long as this desire hasn’t awakened in us, we live like the horses on this farm. And those whom the Creator gives this desire become workers on the farm. And there are different workers: There are loyal workers who are totally devoted to the Creator like slaves, and there are workers that are not so loyal.

The Creator finds the person in whom the point in the heart was awakened that wants to adhere to the Creator, but he cannot be raised instantly to a minister’s position. Therefore, He gives the person all sorts of opportunities, smaller jobs, through which he very slowly ascends. Precisely such an opportunity is given to us now: By the actions that we perform on ourselves, we can show the Creator how much we want to draw near Him, to adhere to, and live with Him in one thought and intention, in one action.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/13, The Zohar 

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