We Are In This World Like Children Playing In The Hall

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do we correct: actions or intentions?

Answer: By correcting the intention, we alter the action. It is similar to a situation when it is enough to apply a good intention to a car that is broken and all of a sudden it starts to work fine.

In this world, we are “given the freedom” to do whatever we want until we completely destroy it. In spirituality, one’s actions are allowed solely to the extent of the correctness of one’s intention.

All depends on the screen: If you happen to correct it, you can use it.

In this world, we are given a chance to play as children and do whatever we want in order to educate ourselves. We won’t be allowed to enter spirituality until we learn how to use this world correctly. That’s why it is said, “This world is similar to an entrance-hall to spirituality.”

There is no action without intention. Only in this realm can one act without a good intention. By acting so, we lower ourselves more and more until we finally realize that we really need to bring up correct intentions. In spirituality, no actions are possible without good intentions. Besides intentions, there is nothing there at all.

For example, before I go to see a doctor, I need a correct intention. Only in this case will I cure myself completely: I will correct my soul and body. However, if I don’t have a good intention, I only treat my corporeal body.

So, it means that we haven’t taken advantage of the possibility that was granted to us. The reason we fell sick was to rise due to the illness we got, rather than just cure our physical bodies. If we continue acting this way, we won’t achieve correction, and the Creator will have to “shoot” us in some other places and cause new disturbances for us.

If our actions are accompanied by incorrect intentions, we harm everybody around us. It is all about the mutual guarantee. If we fail to have a correct point of view and develop a positive attitude, we will continue making mistakes.

Anything that happens to us has to be regarded through the prism of the group, through the unity. I see the world as either corrected or corrupt to the extent of my connectedness with others. Any deficiency that I come across depends solely on the level of my detachment or my unity with friends. It is the only thing that I observe and that is revealed to me in this world.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/13, The Zohar

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