Israel Will Not Be Left In Peace

961.2Comment: The UN has established a commission to investigate human rights violations in the Palestinian territories and in Israel as a result of the latest operation Guardian of the Walls. After each military operation, a commission in the UN is formed and they constantly want to judge our soldiers and officers.

24 countries voted in favor, 9 against, and 14 abstained. Look who is voting in favor! Those who trample their citizens, kill them, put them in concentration camps. They are the ones voting to condemn Israel.

My Response: This is the world we live in.

Question: Soon we will not be able to carry out any military operation at all, even the most precise, and not be condemned later or face a military tribunal declaring something against us. How can we defend ourselves?

Answer: We do not need to defend ourselves. We need to act the only way we can, that is, to turn to the Creator, unite above egoism, and then no one will attack us. That is all. Otherwise, we will not get away with anything.

Comment: But no one understands this except you and a small number of Kabbalists.

My Response: Then it will be bad. These are laws of upper nature and we cannot escape them. If we do not execute them, it will be bad. If we do it at some point, it will be good.

Question: But everyone already sees perfectly well that logic does not work, that it is impossible to prove anything. But for some reason, we don’t arrive at these conclusions. Why does this happen to us all the time?

Answer: Because the whole world exists within the framework of egoism! So it draws correct conclusions.

Question: What does it demand from Israel?

Answer: I think that ultimately it would demand that Israel simply leave, and that’s it. Disarm Israel and remove its entire population. They would receive demilitarized land, which would immediately be populated at the delight of all nations around us—the Arabs.

Comment: And start wars between each other.

My Response: It does not matter what they start. It is their business. No one will blame them for it.

Question: So they really want to destroy the only democracy in this region?

Answer: They do not consider democracy. It is not a consideration for them. It is in their way. In everybody’s way: Arabs, Americans, Russians, no matter who. It is an obstacle for everybody.

Question: What should we do?

Answer: We must either correct ourselves the way we need to be corrected, or we have to get out of here.

To correct ourselves means to achieve a bond of friendship, brotherhood, and even love.

We must create those conditions, those relations between us. And then nothing else is needed.

Question: You do not even have to arm yourself,  you do not have to do anything?

Answer: We can stay with what we have for now, but actually, it will not be needed.

Question: We need a strong army in order for time to come when we can unite with each other?

Answer: Yes. We need to create such relations between us. That’s it! And the world will watch and rejoice.

Question: And so, peace and quiet will come to the world only because of this small point where this great event took place?

Answer: Of course! It all started here, and it will end here.

Question: Is this what they want us to understand?

Answer: Yes. But we do not understand. And we will not understand if for a while longer; it is a stiff-necked nation.

Question: How do you see the future? The time-frame, how much time do we have?

Answer: I don’t know. We need to act. Our organization, which understands this, must act and spread this knowledge in the world, among the nations of the world, mainly among the Jews. What happens next is none of our business.

We must spread this knowledge everywhere.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/31/21

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