Feel Like A Single Structure

929Question: Are the fragments of the common soul that has been shattered placed in almost every one of us?

Answer: Yes, there is only one common soul, one common desire, that the Creator created. There’s nothing else but Him. Everything that we perceive as existing around us and in us happens only in this desire.

As we grow closer together, the common desire will manifest itself more and more until we begin to feel like one person with one heart, one thought, and one intention.

And then we will really come to feel like one structure that is completely dependent on each other, perfectly understands and coordinates itself with others.

Question: Where is the place for the Torah here?

Answer: We see in our lives that when a person is born, he does not need any Torah, guidance, instructions, nothing. He lives like a small animal. This is how we develop our young children.

And then the child manifests more and more as an independent, individual person, and we have to treat him accordingly, as it is said: “Bring up the boy in his ways.” In the same way, gradually, the correction of the initially broken common soul manifests itself.

Now we are at the very last stage when all the previous four stages have already been more or less passed and are ready for the final correction. In general, it all depends on the last stage.

At this stage, we must properly understand ourselves, our origin, our history, our purpose, and realize all this.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/19/21

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