Everything Is Perceived In Feelings

962.2The Creator is a quality of the upper world. His main characteristic is the quality of bestowal.

We cannot say who He is or what He is. We only speak about the way we perceive Him. To the extent that I begin to feel the quality of bestowal, I begin to attain the Creator.

In the same way, I cannot say anything about a table, for example. I can say that it appears to me in my feelings as such and such. The same is true about the Creator.

Therefore, the Creator is called Bo-Reh. Bo, come, that is, somehow change yourself, and Reh, see. Bo-Reh, come and see. In other words, everything is perceived precisely in our feelings.

The wisdom of Kabbalah works in such a way that it forms within us the quality of bestowal, and to the extent that a person already feels it within himself, he begins to feel the Creator. He has new tools, the so-called Kelim, vessels, with which he feels the Creator and the upper world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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