What Determines The Existence Of The World?

283.02Zohar for All, VaYetze, item 14: Although these seven holy Havalim are the sustenance of the world, opposite them are seven Havalim from which all the Dinim [judgments] in the world come out.

There are seven original desires in each of us. They do not change.

If we use them for our own sake, they turn into the judgments directed at us. If we use them for the sake of bestowal, for connection with others, then they turn into blessings.

By connecting with each other in this way through our desires, we form a common body that begins to exchange energy, information, and vitality within itself and comes to life. To the extent of our connection, from inanimate stones we turn into vegetative, animate, and even human matter.

Therefore, the seven pillars (desires) can be negative, as today in our world we are driving ourselves into the ground by using them only for our own sake, thereby killing everything around us: both ourselves and the surrounding nature. Yet, we can turn this into a blessing.

Everything depends not on how we use what is around us, but on how we use ourselves. Our attitude to each other and to the surrounding nature determines everything. Therefore, it is written “Hevel Havalim (Vanity of vanities) are the sustenance of the world.” “Vanity of vanities” is my attitude to others. If I direct it incorrectly, it actually turns into evil and judgment.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #13

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