We Will Destroy The Whole World Of Violence

962.1Comment: Oleg writes: “After watching your clip about the way to relate to evil, I do not know what to think. What does it mean to destroy evil? In this case, could you please comment on the words of a famous song [translated from Russian]: ‘We will destroy the whole world of violence to the ground and then we will build our new world, who was nobody —he will become everything!'”

Answer: This is wrong. We do not need to destroy anything; we need to add, to build, over the past: love will cover all crimes. Over all problems and deformities of the past world, we just need to cover them with a kind attitude and love.

If we destroy, we make it twice as bad. This is exactly what we have now.

Question: How do you do that? How do you cover with love?

Answer: We must never touch evil! We must not try to increase or decrease it. We must only build goodness over it. Connect with each other in goodness. And evil, it exists to lead us to this. That is, we will suddenly begin to discover that evil forces us to do good.

Question: So, the world of violence will remain?

Answer: No, it will not remain. After all, we are already engaged with something else. We are already building goodness! But over the former evil. We will create the world of goodness above the world of violence. Otherwise, we will be just destroying.

Remark: What about the next phrase: “Who was nobody —he will become everything!”

Answer: The one who was nothing really becomes seemingly everything. But inside, he remains nothing. This is first.

And second, what kind of world will you build if you do not take into account the past egoistic world that you destroyed? You need to take it and build a new world out of it, over it, in spite of it.

Question: What about the one who was nothing and that is how he felt, that he was nothing, so depressed and desperate, who does he become if he can really rise above this state of his? Can he become everything?

Answer: He can become everything. This depends only on his evaluation of his actions.

Question: How should he evaluate them?

Answer: That he builds, he makes, he creates. This does not mean that he becomes the head of state and begins to destroy everyone and everything. This suggests that serious, intelligent people such as Professor Preobrazhensky from the “Heart of a Dog” should understand what they are doing and realize what kind of world they are building.

Comment: If a person feels like nothing, how can he become everything?

My Response: By his attitude to the world, his attitude to his deeds. If he builds, then he becomes everything. It does not depend on how many people he kills, dispossesses, and deports along the way. The new world is not built by preparing execution lists. You cannot build anything by this.

As a result, you build a system that will be a curse for centuries to come. You break people, you break the system, you break the country, half the world, you plant your egoistic values everywhere. You think they are unshakable.

Question: Does everything have to start from education?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What should this education include? That a person understands what he is like?

Answer: A person understands that nothing needs to be destroyed but to be built. The new is always built upon the old. This new thing created from the old grows out of the old. It already manifests itself as an addition to the old. Or even if the old is denied but the new grows out of it correctly, it does not destroy anything.

Question: Many called the great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam a communist. What did he mean by communism?

Answer: Connection of all without any distinction. This was the first sign of communism for him. Then, of course, taking care of everyone without exception: providing work, housing, everything that a person needs.

The most important thing is the correct, fair connection of people with each other on equal terms.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/18/21

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