How Are Names Given In The Corporeal And Spiritual Worlds?

962.2Question: You say that names are given randomly according to a certain trend or for other reasons. How should we give a child a name correctly so that it will reflect the Creator’s attributes in him?

Answer: I wouldn’t do that. First of all, give him a simple ordinary name that is popular among people and not a name that will hurt or humiliate him in any way, a name that he will not be ridiculed for at school or at the playground.

Second, don’t think that if you give a child or any other person a specific name you will change his fate by that.

It is said, “He who changes his place, changes his fate.” But the term “place” refers to levels of the spiritual ladder. So of course you change your fate.

It is the same regarding a name: the higher we ascend on the spiritual ladder, the higher our names are. But calling a person one name or another does not mean anything. Stop believing in those amulets.

Question: Does a person who begins to climb the spiritual ladder acquire a name automatically?

Answer: He receives a name according to the spiritual level he is on. This is the reason that he can be called by one name at one time and by another name another time. The Torah also tells us about it when it seemingly tells us about people: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Pharaoh, Pharaoh’s daughter Batya, etc. Yet, these are not people but parts of a single soul!

A person who attains the spiritual world goes through these states. At one time he is like Pharaoh, another time he is like Abraham, and another time he is like King David, etc. So go through these states as quickly as possible. This is the main thing.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/24/19

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