Formation Of Consciousness

530Question: When I break away from my “I” and integrate with the group, is “we” kind of my new self-identity, or does an expanded “I” still remain?

Answer: “We” is “I,” only at the next degree. When you rise to the next degree, this “we,” becoming “I,” turns into an even greater “we.” This is how it is all the time.

Question: This means that Kabbalah is the science of expansion. In this case, is it possible to identify the stages of planning and creation of consciousness itself in the main textbook, say, in the Study of the Ten Sefirot? Could you please name them?

Answer: First of all, we study how the environment was created, how from this environment the inner structure was segregated from which consciousness emerged.

The environment is the five so-called worlds, the five filters. In the center of this environment there is a manifestation of consciousness, which is born by itself. We call it Adam. This consciousness absorbs the entire environment, connects with it through the quality of bestowal naturally, instinctively. This is called “Adam before his shattering.”

Then there is the shattering of the structure of Adam. At the same time, all the qualities of the upper nature, the qualities of bestowal, in the opposite, egoistic form, enter into every particle of the general desire, which was shattered into many pieces. This is the basis for the development of egoistic desire and its transformation into the opposite, into the altruistic one.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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