Benefits Of The Method Of Correction

214.01Question: What is special about the Kabbalistic method of correction?

Answer: It reveals real nature to us, what it requires of us, and how we can be happy if we turn to face it and learn its real laws.

We will not stick our hand in fire, we will not stumble on level ground, we will not act in such a way that in a couple of years we will get a blow from it and will be left without water, food, or fresh air. It will show us its laws.

The science of Kabbalah is a method of revealing the Creator. And the Creator is all of nature. The gematria (numerical value) of the word “Elokim” (Creator) is equal to “Teva” (nature). The Creator and nature are one and the same.

Kabbalah reveals to us all the general laws that operate in our world and above it. If we recognize them, we will inevitably do the right thing. We need to clearly see the laws of nature and we will not be wrong. Kabbalah gives us this opportunity.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Marriage Contract” 8/19/09

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