Can You Call The Ten A Cave?

934Question: Is it possible to call the environment or for example, the ten a person is in, a cave?

Answer: Of course. In fact, a cave is a property of bestowal, a property of love, which can be created even in our world in some limited space.

Question: Let us say that a person has created such an environment around him, and suddenly he discovers the forefathers there. Or even Adam and Eve. How can this be understood?

Answer: When a person wants to see the whole world in union, in bestowal, in mutual connection, he reveals such properties in this world that were previously hidden from him. He feels that the property of bestowal, of love, unification, and rising above egoism really exists. For him there are no more barriers and restrictions, he lives in that space to that measure in that power that he created with his property of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/23/21

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