The Ten Egyptian Plagues

294.2Question: Going through the ten Egyptian plagues, each time a person is more and more aware of his egoism as the evil that must be gradually corrected. As our great teacher Rabash writes, this is possible only with a correct appeal to the Creator. Does this mean there is a certain positive force in nature, but it is necessary to address it correctly?

Answer: And how can we correctly address it if we are completely under the rule of the negative force, under the rule of Pharaoh? For this, we must all cry out to the Creator together, as it is said: “And the children of Israel sighed from the work, and their cry went up to God,” and He delivered them from Egypt.

Question: Does man clearly feel all ten Egyptian plagues as they are described in the Torah?

Answer: No, not like that. There is what is called the language of branches in which we describe spiritual properties and actions with words, formulations, and definitions of our world.

Therefore, a person in our world, experiencing some kind of limitation in his egoistic desires, cannot say: “Now locusts are passing over me.” It doesn’t feel like that.

Question: There are four types of language that express spiritual action. Can the exodus from Egypt be explained in Kabbalistic language?

Answer: Yes, it can. Unfortunately people who do not study Kabbalah will not understand it.

The fact is that allegories are used by those who try to rewrite the Torah in a common language. And Kabbalists write about this in purely technical terms.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/30/20

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