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632.3Question: What research is Kabbalah based on when it speaks of the relationship between a man and a woman?

Answer: I believe that not a single science except Kabbalah has the basis to talk about a man, a woman, their relationship, their nature, where they come from, why they were created in this way and exist in this relationship.

All this comes from the fact that Kabbalah opens up to us in the upper world, in our roots. Based on them, we can already talk about something.

Why does the Torah say: in the beginning, one man was created and then he was divided in two? Why are there two genders and not one creature that either reproduces or does not reproduce at all? All this is revealed by the science of Kabbalah.

It explores our spiritual roots, that is, the forces from which the spiritual worlds gradually developed. In the process of their development, these forces descended, and then a very small spark, the energy of the spiritual world, burst into the volume of the then empty universe and began to create matter in it: stars, galaxies, nebulae, planets, until, in the end, it created the Earth. So life began to develop on our planet.

These processes are studied in Kabbalah. And if we are talking about the end of creation, which goes from top to bottom, then a man, a woman, their historical development, their relationship with each other, and what they have come to today, all this comes from the same spiritual roots. Therefore, asking a question about the relationship between a man and a woman on the earthly level, we cannot understand the answer.

And although I have great respect for psychologists, sociologists, sexologists, and other scientists, I can say that they have only small fragmentary knowledge from observations in our world, which are constantly changing and contradicting each other. And Kabbalah answers this from a single root.

But the problem is that Kabbalah was hidden until now because the world did not yet have suitable conditions for people to start practicing it. They did not have any need for it.

Therefore, for a long time, Kabbalah did not develop attached to our world. Only now is it starting to be engaged in it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Common Law Marriage” 8/11/09

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