Entering A New Level Of Existence

928As humanity is developing, it has gradually come to a state where it is trying to break through from the introverted existence into the extro one, to come out, to break our past framework, to break away from all the animal that is in us, from all the conventions that were between us.

We want to make a radical reassessment of all values and reach a completely new level of existence where I detach myself from my body.

All attempts to find life in some other form indicate that a person needs to rise above himself. This endeavor must be crowned with success. But now we are still in an intermediate state.

Of course, the world is very confused and does not understand itself. But Kabbalists who see the whole perspective of development and know what is going to happen are happy about such a rapid change in the world, a change in people’s consciousness. They try to explain to them what is happening so that a person in these states does not walk in the dark.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up” 11/8/09

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