A Slave To Pharaoh

200.01Question: A person in Egyptian slavery initially enjoys being in it. We agree to work for Pharaoh (egoism) and we like working for him. This period is called seven years of satiation. Then, at some point, Pharaoh changes. What happens?

Answer: When Pharaoh changes, although we still exist in the same egoism, we realize that Pharaoh does not treat us kindly and does not wish us well. It turns out that we worked for him all the time not for ourselves, and nothing good remains for us from this.

Question: In the Torah, this work is called Avodat Perech (hard work). What does it mean?

Answer: There are many explanations for this concept. In particular, we never receive any fulfillment from this work. We never achieve something that would be worth so much effort.

Question: This is how your teacher Rabash explains this: “That is, the body agrees more to do the holy work with the intention to receive, and there is no need…. to aim to bestow.” Does it mean go, work for Pharaoh, and then everything will be fine?

Answer: Yes, but as time passes, it is no longer possible to continue working for him because you see how Pharaoh himself reveals to you that being in this slavery is pointless. You receive nothing from it. Therefore, a person has no strength to continue working for the Pharaoh.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/26/21

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