Humanity In Egyptian Slavery

592.04Question: Why must one first go to Egypt in order to get out of the egoistic state?

Answer: In order to realize who you are, that you are absolutely the opposite of the Creator, that you are not a human being but an animal controlled only by egoism. This is only possible if you are in a state called “Egypt.”

Question: Can we say that all of humanity is still in Egypt?

Answer: Yes. Absolutely all of humanity is in the state of Mitzraim (Egypt), when a person does not realize that he is controlled by egoism alone.

Mitzraim (Mitz Ra) in Hebrew means concentration of evil.

Question: So, in order to reveal love, one must understand hatred. It turns out that the Egyptian exile is a guarantee that a person will someday acquire altruistic properties in the future?

Answer: Yes. All this has already been planned and should only take on its material appearance.
From KabTV’s ”Spiritual States” 3/26/21

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