The Beginning Of The Dissemination Of Kabbalah

219.01Question: What motivates you to write a book? You said that you published your first book in 1983. Why did you write it?

Answer: Because I met many people who have asked me: “What is Kabbalah?” In those years, most of society did not know anything about Kabbalah at all.

Therefore, I decided that people should be introduced to it and given the main provisions, the basic concepts. I called this book Basic Principles of Kabbalah in an Accessible Retelling. In my opinion, it turned out well. At least, it spread very quickly. Immediately, the American Embassy bought 300 copies of each of the first three books I wrote.

Closer to the 90s, it became possible to publish them in Russia in the quantities of 50,000 copies.

Question: Is there any connection with the fact that immediately after writing these books, more students began to come to you?

Answer: No. I didn’t have many students at that time. When perestroika began in the Soviet Union, people began to come to Israel and discover Kabbalah. Although there had been books published about Kabbalah, the process was slow.

Gradually, a Russian-speaking group was organized in parallel with the Hebrew-speaking one. Once a week, I taught at my home, where 30 to 40 people gathered.

In addition, I conducted a radio program in Russian, and this also attracted newcomers in those years. Then I gave lectures in Canada, in America, although I rarely went there. At that time, there was no such need because Kabbalah had only just begun to spread. It all started closer to 2000.

Question: Are the books you have written now translated into many languages?

Answer: Yes, because I have students in all countries of the world. They are Japan, Oceania, Russia, China, India, the countries of Europe, not to mention South and North America, which I have traveled up and down, giving lectures, holding seminars and congresses. I do not know where I do not have students. Even in Africa, there are regular students.
From KabTV’s “Questions about Kabbalistic Books” 10/22/19

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