Love And Hatred Among The Students Of Rabbi Shimon

592.04Question: Many times you have given the example of the students of Rabbi Shimon who found that they hated each other to the point that they wanted to kill each other. I have also discovered that I hate my friends and want to kill them. What is the difference between me and the group of Rabbi Shimon?

Answer: The hatred of the students of Rabbi Shimon was revealed from the next spiritual level, the transcendence of the ego above the previous love. Suppose that they had been on level 100. They had attained a full connection between them on that level. After that, the ego in them ascended to level 101 and instead of the previous love that they had felt, they discovered an even greater hatred. This is what typifies them.

They understood and grasped where they were found. They had felt the previous level precisely and clearly—how much they loved each other and were mutually connected between themselves—and in contrast to this, how much it was now the opposite, they now absolutely hated each other.

Which is to say, a very clear passage from plus to minus was felt in them, a recognition of the way of the entire system of creation, as well as why it was happening. After all, they were locked into the entire system since they felt that it was global and worldwide; they felt all the worlds, the entire matrix, and the connection with the Creator that is found within it, animates it, and constitutes its inner energy.

Suppose there is a piece of iron within which an electric current begins to flow, impulses, connections, and so forth. What is the piece of iron itself? In contrast to this, the electrical energy that stimulates the iron creates a computer or something else from it, so it is already significant. Therefore, you need both the iron and the energy that fills it.

In a person who is moving through the levels of the spiritual worlds, a greater understanding of the “iron” is constantly discovered, meaning the system in which he is found. Without electrical energy and the rest of the parameters, he feels that the system is destroyed, like a dead body, or it is the opposite: energy is discovered in this body, vitalizes it, and does everything that is needed. Among the Kabbalists, great distinctions and differences were observed.

In any case, both in one case or another case, the person does not disengage from the group as was said about Rabbi Shimon; he felt like “Shimon from the market.” He understood that he had been thrown there from a higher level specifically in order for him to rise to an even higher level.

All of this happens in a person thanks to the previous levels and the group in which he finds himself. Otherwise, he would feel this way: here I am, this is my work, this is my life, there is nothing else, and it is also all unnecessary. But, since he is connected with the group, then the Ohr Makif (surrounding light) already influences him and says, “You need this!”
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/8/19

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