See The World From A New Perspective

528.01The Book of Zohar tells us how its authors, Rabbi Shimon’s students, gathered before the lessons and each time revealed a new depth of creation and described it in this book. Before they focused on the lesson, they felt such enormous hatred between them that they were ready to kill each other. This is how big their egoism was.

We have to learn how to rebuild the connections between us, at least with the same inclination, according to the same system. This means building another floor above us, “love will cover all crimes.” The crimes and the sins remain, and a connection is built above them between us. This is how we exist in two worlds at the same time: in our world and in the spiritual world.

By trying to focus ourselves on each other in the ten, we awaken and summon the gradual impact of the surrounding light unto us, and with its help we need to build a second floor in each ten. We need to demand this from the Creator, to do everything that depends on us on our level: to pray, to cry out, to ask Him, and then we will succeed. We will begin to feel that we ascend above everything that we know and above our reason, above the perception of the world, and that we begin to see it differently, synthetically, so that despite our first egoistic floor, we can see that everything is absolutely globally connected.

Then all the problems and differences disappear, and instead, they begin to complement each other, which is the spiritual system of connection. This is actually what we need to learn. We engage in it in the tens and in our study.

This is the goal of our study,  our lives in this world, as we return to the corporeal state again and again and restore and rebuild the connection between us that covers all the discrepancies and disagreements that will remain and grow between us more and more. This is how it works.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/6/19

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