Castles In The Air

935Question: You said recently that everything is developing so quickly that one wants to slow down the pace of this development. How can this be expressed in a group?

Answer: I sometimes hear from you that the movement forward has become so fast that it is like uncontrollable galloping horses. But this is actually how it has to be because these “horses” are managed by the Creator, and every new state is totally unexpected, while we must attain connections in faith above reason in every new state only through our common movement, so that below us a clear surface will be created, on which we can stand, even if we suddenly find ourselves in the air.

The attribute of Bina is the attribute of the air. There is such a concept as a castle, flying in the air. When we perceive and absorb the attribute of bestowal inside us, we feel that we are suspended in the air, and this is what we are being taught to get used to. We no longer have any egoistic base, and we cannot count on anything. There is no present, past, or future and there is no attachment to anything or to anyone. We are simply suspended not knowing where, how, and what is happening to us.

You accept this state and even more, but on one condition: that you do not know how it will happen and you also do not want to know. You only want to know that as a result of this condition, the whole correct state in the form of pleasure will go to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/6/19

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