Can The Sensations Of Our World Be Compared With The Spiritual Ones?

537Question: In our world, there are such thrills as first love, the birth of a child, the resolution of some opposites, and the solution of complex problems. Can these feelings be compared to spiritual ones?

Answer: Yes, all this takes place in the comprehension of the upper world, but in a much more prominent, stronger form. This is already practical Kabbalah.

When a person comprehends the higher properties, forces, and actions that take place in a latent form, outside our earthly sense organs, then in accordance with this he begins to change himself in order to better feel the forces that secretly control our world.

Then he has the opportunity to influence his fate and everything that happens in this world. All his hidden desires begin to unfold. He begins to control his destiny, to go beyond the bounds of time, space, movement.

He no longer works with those forces of nature that earth sciences study within the framework of our world or interacts with them, but with forces and interactions above our world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/12/18

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