What Can Reconcile The Right And The Left?

273.02Question: The world has split into two equal camps: the right and the left. What does it mean?

Answer: It means that people do not learn anything at all. They remain the same as they were born, as they were raised. By their nature, initially when they are born, they belong either to one variety or to another, and you cannot do anything about it.

Question: That is, they are either leftist or rightist?

Answer: Yes. A person is born this way, right from the delivery room.

Question: Even as a child, a person can be identified as to which camp he will belong to?

Answer: Practically, yes.

Question: That is, he does not learn anything during his life, but follows this line?

He cannot change, he was created that way. He will be drawn to it. He may be here or there by mistake, but then he will still come to what he belongs to.

Question: So what is next? That is, it shows that there is no one unifying idea?

Answer: That is for sure, there is not a single unifying idea. It shows that humanity is created in equal proportions in the right and left lines. Based on the nature in which a person was originally born, one goes on like this.

Comment: Each of them talks about the truth all the time. Both the right and the left.

My Response: Of course, they speak frankly, they do not bend. This is how each of them actually thinks.

Question: By their nature one person claims that this is the truth? And another one based on his nature claims that that is the truth? So one must suppress the other one?

Answer: They do this all the time.

Comment: This is how it was until it came to the middle. Before that, there were more rightists or more leftists. Somehow earlier there were more leftists, then there were more rightists, and this is how they fought. But today they suddenly became equal in proportions.

My Response: We have come to a state where we are beginning to see that all this is going on according to some rule.

Question: Who will be the first to take a step toward reconciliation?

Answer: Nobody. Neither this one nor the other one.

Question: But how will this happen then?

Answer: The world must feel the necessity, more and more of such torments until people understand how they can exist. How can one build a country if half, exactly half, of the country is against him?!

Comment: Yes, this is totally incomprehensible. You are the president of half of the country. And the other half is plotting to throw you off next time. It cannot be like this all the time. That is, somewhere there must appear a cry: “Let us unite somehow!”

My Response: The state itself is amazing! Not the majority, the minority, and so on; that is what we have always studied in political economy.

Question: So you are saying that in this world of those born right or left, there is no truth?

Answer: Naturally, none of them holds the truth. It can exist only if they converge in the middle line.

And then, if they get together in order to find the truth, they will recognize the Creator in it. That is, the highest root from which both opposite states descend. And then they will find it there. And in it they will find a true, wonderful connection with each other.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/9/20

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