Control Over The Heart

137Baal HaSulam, “One Commandment”: As in the past, so is now, and so will it be: Every servant of the Creator must begin the work in Lo Lishma, and from that achieve Lishma….The way to achieve this degree is not limited by time, but by his qualifiers, and by the measure of one’s control over one’s heart.

Question: How does this readiness ripen?

Answer: Everything depends on the extent to which the person can devote himself to the spiritual path. It is to the extent that he “bends” for the sake of this goal in all of his minutes, seconds, and movements in the world.

“Control over one’s heart” symbolizes a person’s control over his desire. It is to what extent he can direct his egoism so that everything within him will necessarily be directed only toward the discovery of the upper world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/25/18

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