America Is Left Without A President

448.3Kabbalah teaches us to work in three lines, which is very important especially in our time. We see that today in the world, the confrontation, the struggle, the contradiction between the right and the left is growing everywhere, splitting countries and peoples in two, and putting two camps against each other.

We feel this polarization even within families. In all developed and even developing countries, there is a huge distance between the left and the right, a split in society, in every country.

As we develop, egoism grows more and more, and therefore we don’t see that this contradiction between the right and the left is getting smoothed out. On the contrary, they are becoming increasingly distant from each other and colliding and arguing more. This is especially evident in America, where society is divided into two camps, the left and the right, which cannot find any common point. This rift is felt even within families.

Previously, there was no such contradiction between opinions on all issues, in relation to nature, ecology, weapons, family, sex, food, and absolutely everything. Instead of looking for points of convergence and understanding how to reach an agreement, we see that the two lines, the right and left, diverge further and further, become more polar and differ as East from West or North from South.

The distance between them is growing more and more, and there is nothing that would connect them. The further the world develops, the deeper this split will become, and hatred, rejection, misunderstanding, and unwillingness to understand each other will increase.

All this is awakened in human society by the Creator. America is splitting into two hostile camps as if there are no other approaches and parties other than the right and the left. And nothing can be done about it because this is nature.

Nature is not going to help people connect; on the contrary, it will divide them into two equal camps, as we now see in the United States. How is it possible for a society to split exactly in the middle with millions of people on one side and millions on the other against each other in such a way that a few units of preponderance decide who will become president of America?

In such a situation, there is no president at all because he should stand in the middle between these two lines. Two lines are revealed in any modern society in order for us to establish the middle line, that is, the Creator, who should reveal Himself and establish a connection between us. Otherwise, we will not be able to exist and will be at war with each other without any compromise and possibility to reach agreement.

There is no middle line; it can only come from above. This is how the world works, this is how nature works. Therefore, Kabbalistic groups working on getting closer to the upper force, to the purpose of creation, who are called Israel, aimed “directly at the Creator” (Yashar Kel), will be in the center of the entire world, in the center of everyone’s attention, and they will have to provide a connection between the left and right lines.

The entire world will be divided into right and left. And between them there are a few thousands who are called “Israel,” who will be responsible for the fact that billions of people on one side and billions on the other side cannot connect with each other. Therefore, we must learn the middle line, which is determined by the upper force, as it is written, “He who creates peace in His celestial heights, may He in His mercy create peace for us’’ and help us to develop correctly.

The state that is revealed in the American election shows us what the future of the world will be like. American society is more developed, and therefore this contradiction is already evident there. The rest of the world is still lagging behind, thanks to religious and cultural traditions. In America, however, all the nations are mixed, and therefore it is so obvious that the two parts of American society are completely separated from each other, and there is no one to connect them.

How can someone who is one hundred percent accepted by one side and one hundred percent not acceptable by the other side, by half of the country’s citizens, be the president? How in this situation can there be a president who stands in the middle and controls everyone? This is absolutely impossible.

There is only one possibility: to reveal the upper force that will connect the two camps together. The revelation of the upper force and the global connection is our work as Kabbalists. This will soon become clear, and we must be ready for it. The world will want this; it will come and ask for this.

The world will be splitting into two parts more and more, and we will need to attract the middle line from above so that it begins to dominate both poles, leading them to the agreement. The president can be neither from the left nor from the right, but only standing in the middle and leading to connection, to the middle line that the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/6/20, Writings of Rabash, “Three Lines”

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