The Outcome Of Our Unity

945Question: Can you point at something in our world that we impact as a result of the unity in the ten?

Answer: I cannot say because it is about actions that have never been implemented in our world. We are pioneers who are starting the correction in this respect, in changing and improving the world from the bottom up.

The question is on which levels the response in our world will be revealed and whether it will be on the level of the still nature, the ecology, the climate, or on the level of human society.

The outcome must be greater closeness between people and greater balance between societies and states.

I believe it will be revealed on all levels, but it seems to me that we will reveal changes on the social level quite soon because it is the most dynamic and the closest to us. The signs from it are more serious, stronger, and sharper than from anything else.

We will take part in this experiment together and will begin to look at the outcomes and to discern them.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/5/19

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