That’s The Whole Point!

530We are all connected by the ultimate, perfect bond. It was created from the very beginning, but this connection is revealed to us only in a corrupted, broken form so that we would yearn to see ourselves connected, dependent, helping each other, and working in a perfect, integral system.

We ourselves must want this, and then we will reveal the light from the darkness, and a perfect system will be revealed to us according to our consent, desire, and inclination for correction. We only need to make the correction within ourselves and nowhere else. Nothing needs to be corrected except our perception.

If even one part of the machine is not working properly, then the entire machine does not work. Therefore, each of us needs to correct his ten according to the advice of the Kabbalists. If we correct the connection between us, we will find our connection with the Creator. We ask the Creator to correct us and see whether He has connected us or not.

By establishing relationships with each other and correcting the general system, we come into contact with the Creator. After all, we must always turn to Him and ask for help. Thus, we are more and more connected with the Creator, and this is the most important thing! The main thing is not the connection between us but that we need the Creator for it and that we connect with Him. This is the whole point!

By correcting the connection between us, we essentially reveal the Creator, discover that the upper force exists and determines everything, that everything depends on it, and that we only need to ask. And I am also not myself but what this upper force dictates to me. And my attitude toward my friends and my friends’ attitude toward me is also determined not by me or by them but by the Creator.

Thus, we see that only the Creator exists in the whole of reality and there is none else besides Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/23/20, “I Dwell Among My Own People”

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