What Is Human Consciousness?

222Question: For thousands of years, people have been wondering what human consciousness is. Philosophers, thinkers, and scientists constantly discuss this topic and posit various theories.

During the last quarter of a century, as science has begun to study the structure of the human brain in detail, philosophical questions have been, somewhat, pushed aside. Neurobiologists have begun to search the areas that are responsible for consciousness in the human brain. They call them neural correlators; they shape a person’s awareness of himself and the surrounding world, etc.

What is human consciousness from your point of view?

Answer: Consciousness is that cloud of forces made up of receiving and bestowing that is formed in the connection between a person and his surrounding space. How much а person grasps from his inclusion in the common cloud depends on his surroundings.

Everything is given to a person from the outside. A person has nothing of his own. Even what seems to him as arising from within himself is brought to him from the outside.

The development of one’s consciousness depends on what is called one’s point in the heart or one’s merging with the common cloud of bestowing and receiving in which we exist. There is a specific spiritual gene within each of us, a place or a force that binds us with this cloud.

Question: We say that a person builds his perception of reality, that is, literally creates the Creator in himself. Does this mean that he builds the cloud independently? Does he feel it that way?

Answer: Yes, but we feel this from our attainments. What is beyond the attainments, we cannot talk about. In the science of Kabbalah, we are not engaged in imaginary things but only in what Kabbalists have revealed before us and also in what we can add to their attainments.

Question: Is there anything outside of human consciousness?

Answer: We cannot know that.

Question: There is no way to check this?

Answer: How? If we succeed in checking something or in feeling it, this means that it is within our consciousness already.

Question: Does the universe have its own consciousness?

Answer: If something is outside of us, we are not able to determine what it is. We attain only what enters our consciousness.

Question: Can we determine, in our perception, that something outside of us has consciousness?

Answer: This is a question that does not have an answer. We cannot ask about what we do not clearly attain in the mind or within our desire. If there is no such thing, it means that it does not exist in relation to us!

Naturally, we can talk about anything. But do we attain this in our qualities?

Question: That is, a clear check always happens with respect to a person? Nothing else?

Answer: A judge has nothing beside what he has in his hands.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/7/20

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