Why Do We Need The Method of Connection?

627.2Question: In times of war, there is always cooperation because there is a common goal of surviving and ending the war. What common goal can there be among all sectors of society in peacetime?

Answer: I don’t see much difference between wartime and peacetime because today we are at war with each other and with nature, which is worse than a nuclear war.

We do not see how to break free of contradictions or mutual hatred. These contradictions are present everywhere, from the highest levels of our society and governments to families and individuals.

Our egoism dominates at all levels and reaches a state where we are incapable of listening to each other at all. Therefore, we need a method of connection.

Question: Can a common goal be to conquer nature, which is constantly putting pressure on us?

Answer: It is possible that this goal will organize us and guide us correctly toward each other. We will start taking the right steps to unite in order to avoid perishing in the cataclysms that nature is preparing for us.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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