Age And Gender Differences

561Question: In the first parts of the integral education courses, men and women study together. Some research suggests that in a production team where there are women, many decisions are made much better and faster. And when we are engaged in spiritual development, there must be a division at some stage. Why?

Answer: There must be a gender division because in Kabbalah we work with very deep internal properties of a person and mixed groups are a great hindrance. At the initial stage, men and women can work together for several months, no more than six months, and then they quickly need to be separated.

Question: Do they need to be divided by age?

Answer: Age doesn’t really matter. I believe that it is even better to mix them so that, as in our daily life, the old help the young, and the young help the old. There is no contradiction in this.

Nature did not divide us sharply by age. On the contrary, generations help and support each other. But joint male and female training can be very harmful in that it will deviate people from the intentions of bestowal and love to the level of hormones.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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