Adam and Eve—The Two Communication Systems

laitman_275Question: What were Adam and Eve like? Should the relationship between a man and a woman be similar to their relationship?

Answer: Adam and Eve were not people but two communication systems of egoistic desires to receive and desires to bestow. The Torah tells us exactly that. We must come to a state where both systems are fully integrated and one person is created from them.

Basically, Adam is alone. After all, the Torah also says that in the beginning there was only Adam and then God created a woman from his rib. All this needs a long explanation, but in short, the system must come to the point where we connect together and again turn into one single system called Adam. This is not some kind of a biological image and not a person of our world.

We humans descended from monkeys. There are no questions at all regarding this. These species of monkeys gradually developed until increasing egoistic desires appeared in them, which turned them into people.

That is, monkeys are much better than us. In us, in uncorrected people, egoism is much greater. But don’t worry about it, correct it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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