Where You Need To Be Is Where You Will End Up

760.4Question: In the modern world, many people believe that a person’s future is governed by karma, that is, the totality of actions that he currently performs. A person literally programs it, including his future lives.

Is there, from your point of view, such a concept as karma? Do a person’s actions shape his future?

Answer: Partially. Here we must take into account the path that a person has to go through initially in his life and how nature forms an environment around him in order for him to go through this path. And also, how he can change his path from bad to good.

In any case, he has to arrive at the “final destination” and reach it either by the way of suffering or the easy way of advancing forward quickly. This is what his destiny consists of. It is necessary to understand that the choice is between this and that. So, make your choice every minute of your life. But nonetheless, where you are supposed to be, is where you will end up.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/1/20

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