Ideal Spouses

745.01Question: In your opinion, what should an ideal husband be like?

Answer: A perfect husband is the one who’s wife is happy with him. For if she is not happy with him, he will not be perfect. After all, who characterizes the husband? His wife.

Question: How do I make my wife happy?

Answer: A woman doesn’t need much. You need to tell her a bit more often how much you love and appreciate her, respect her, how attractive she is in your eyes and is only getting better all the time.

Question: What should a perfect wife be like?

Answer: A perfect wife is the one who supports and encourages her husband. Only this way can they acquire great inner strength, each one and both of them together, when they can overcome anything and build a truly good family.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/1/20

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