Fear Of Public Speaking

214Question: How can one get rid of the fear of public speaking?

Answer: If we really have something to say to people and are able to correctly introduce the information they need into the outline of our conversation under any circumstance, then there is no place for fear.

Question: Nevertheless, what if before going out to the public your heart starts beating fast and you are overwhelmed by fear?

Answer: You need to think in advance how to start your performance.

Question: You have no fear at all? No heart throbbing, no pulse quickening?

Answer: No. This is my science and I am an expert in it. Those who do not want to listen to me can leave, and we will talk to those who do. Or, I invite the public to ask questions. Why should I get confused and think about what they do and do not like? If they say what they want to hear, I will try to tell them everything frankly.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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