Will Nature Begin To Help Us?

720If we do not work to correct our thoughts, then viruses will become more harmful and destructive because the development continues. It cannot be stopped.

The purpose of the program of nature is to bring us to correction, and if we do not strive for it voluntarily, by the way of light, then we have to be pushed by the way of suffering. Kabbalists warn us that if we do not make a correction, we may end up with a nuclear world war.

But this will not end there. A few thousand more years will pass and humanity will revive after all these nuclear explosions and begin to develop again: sit around a fire and hunt for mammoths.

Let us hope that nature will not let us kill ourselves with nuclear bombs so easily. I believe that humanity will be able to stop and think about the correction. Everyone already can see that there is no other way out, and all that remains is to put up our hands. If we ask for help, it means that we are ready to receive help above our egoistic mind and start working with it as with the only medicine.

We will have to divide all into groups of ten and start teaching how to treat each other kindly. The whole world must undergo integral education, at all levels, starting from kindergarten. Then we will see how nature immediately begins to help us. Then, of course, all diseases will disappear because people will become so close that in the connection between them, they will begin to reveal a different level of existence, the future world.

The future world is a world built on mutual bestowal, within which we reveal the Creator reigning between us. Instead of living in a field of hatred, we will live in a field of love. This love is the Creator between us, and it is not the love as we understand it now. Humanity will begin to rise to different levels of existence.

This is the solution to all problems: both the coronavirus and the economic crisis. Everything will normalize, and everything will be fine.

We have to start by correcting our own attitude toward others so as not to wish anyone any harm. This is also not easy, because when our nature is revealed, we see that we are subconsciously looking for a way to harm each other. We are like bugs that crawl around and only search how to bite one another, kick, or even eat each other.

Kind thoughts can neutralize all viruses and calm typhoons because a thought lies at the very foundation of the force field. It is written: “everything is resolved in thought.” From thought, it already descends to still lower levels, until it comes to viruses that are carriers of information.

With our thoughts, we can influence the entire universe, all worlds. When our thoughts connect with each other, they reach the upper force, and we feel that by this we deploy the whole of nature endlessly and infinitely. We must come to this; we cannot hide from the purpose of creation.
From KabTV’s “Writers Meeting” 10/15/20

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