The Growing Role Of A Leader

265Question: Do you think it is right that every nation should have its own type of leader?

Answer: I think that today all this is absolutely obscured, and such concepts as a leader, a leading person, finally come to naught. In the next generation, we will already have spiritual leaders.

Question: Do you agree that in conditions of chaos the role of the leader will grow? Or, on the contrary, will the role of society, the role of the collective in decision-making, increase?

Answer: Society cannot make decisions. It can only obey and fulfill. Society needs to have explained to it the existing goals, and not to be ordered and kept under arms.

Question: Can a group of people be the leader, and not one person?

Answer: No. Maybe a group of leaders. But there must be one leader.

Question: So there should always be a leader in the future?

Answer: There will be one leader for all of humanity.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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