The Habit That Sets The Rhythm Of Life

630.2Question: One of the rules of time management is the need to instill good habits. For example, exercise, never be late, put a thing in its specific place after using it, etc. What would you advise to acquire as a habit that helps in life?

Answer: Work by a schedule.

Question: Why is that so important for a person?

Answer: In order to have time for everything, to set the right priorities, what to leave time for, what not, and not to drive yourself into those frames that you cannot fulfill.

Let’s say today I plan to read a book, film a clip, work on Twitter, and hold meetings with my group. All this must be sorted out somehow.

Question: If someone looks at this life, they would say: “What for? This is not freedom! You work like a robot.”

Answer: I believe that by doing this I fulfill my mission, and because of that I am happy and free. What does freedom mean? Running down the street like a dog?

Comment: No. Isn’t freedom doing what you want?

Answer: That is not freedom. What are you going to do if you do not know what you want? If you do, then you make up a schedule of upcoming affairs for yourself and fulfill it.

A person should be puzzled by how full his schedule is and how well he is doing it. In addition, the day planner should indicate the time allotted for rest, and, perhaps, for physical exercise, sports. In general, everything should be considered when planning. Otherwise, you will not be able to do anything.

Question: So, do you think that rest is necessary for a person?

Answer: Of course, and first of all, a change of scenery.

Question: How much time should you spend on yourself?

Answer: As much as needed to be ready for the necessary work. Maybe I need to rest five hours for this, and another one needs half an hour.

Question: How long does a person need to be alone with himself?

Answer: This is also determined by each person, depending on the essence of his spiritual, sensory, and creative work.

Question: Do you recommend putting this into the plan?

Answer: If a person needs it. How else is a schedule drawn up and a person’s life rhythm set? Only from those needs that he considers necessary to fulfill.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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